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Prebid Modules: How many and which ones should we use?

At Alpine PB we collect over 300+ Prebid configuration settings including what Prebid Modules are being used. Prebid Modules are an interesting way to see what modules are being used by top-tier publishers and SSPs do they have in their Prebid. This can be useful to know how many modules are too many and where a publisher could be missing out.

How many modules should we use?

The average publisher uses about 24 modules. Modules can vary in what they do. There are the standard SSP and network Prebid Modules which are the most common, but there are other interesting ones like consentManagement, userId, schain, dfpAdServerVideo, priceFloors, and many more. We think between 20 and 30 is sound, but a publisher should test removing certain ones from time to time.

What are the most common Prebid Modules?

We've provided a list of the most common Prebid Modules below. If you are not using these, you are potentially missing out and could improve performance and monetization. The original SSPs have the most coverage, which makes sense. AppNexus, er Xandr, or should I call it Microsoft? Anyways, they have the most coverage which is no surprise given their history with Prebid. They are followed by Index, Magnite, OpenX, and TripleLift.

If you want to see what specific domains are using or would like a full list of Prebid Module data, feel free to get in touch!

Prebid Module Coverage

Top 15
Prebid Module Coverage %
appnexusBidAdapter 95.03%
ixBidAdapter 93.62%
rubiconBidAdapter 83.69%
openxBidAdapter 81.56%
tripleliftBidAdapter 81.56%
pubmaticBidAdapter 80.85%
consentManagement 75.18%
aolBidAdapter 69.50%
consentManagementUsp 68.09%
userId 65.96%
criteoBidAdapter 57.45%
teadsBidAdapter 53.90%
yieldmoBidAdapter 48.23%
sharethroughBidAdapter 45.39%
medianetBidAdapter 43.97%